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I replaced the original regulator on my Gas Go-Anywhere Grill. Now it won't work. Why?

For any unit with the brass valve: If either the valve or the burner require replacement - both the valve and the burner must be replaced, as the newer valve will not operate with the old burner. see all FAQs

My grill won't light. What could be the reason?

Piezo Igniter If you can light the grill with a match you may have an ignition switch problem. Check your igniter switch. Is it making a clicking noise? If the igniter does not… read more

Can I clean my cooking grates and flavorizer bars in a self-cleaning oven?

No, this may cause too much unventilated smoke. The oven only cleans the interior walls of the oven, not the articles placed on the shelves. see all FAQs